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Furry Friday: Big Soppy Fudge

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Fudge is having a bit of a ‘soft’ day. He spent a large part of today rubbing himself up against me, the floor, the door and the walls. I pointed at him earlier today, and he came over and stood up to my finger, ‘grabbed’ it with his front paws and rubbed himself against it. See for yourself:

How adorable is that?

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  1. DJ said:

    So sweet! One of my cats is like that all the time. He even stares at my hands sometimes, like he’s trying to will me to scratch him lol

  2. Mimi said:

    *squee* Fudge is so adorable!! Isn’t he normally quite ornery? XD I think you are making it up, no cat that cute could possibly be ornery!!

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