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As well as being a pretty great blogger, I also build websites. Sometimes I build websites because people pay me, but mostly I build websites because I have nothing better to do with my spare time. Here are some of the projects I’ve built to avoid doing more responsible, grown up things:


WAHM web is a community forum & resource site for UK work at home parents: those running a home based business, working at home remotely for other companies and those stay at home parents just looking to top up the family income.

Jem’s Mail Form

Jem’s free PHP Contact Mail Form is a single page multi-use PHP web based mail contact form that allows users to send feedback directly from your website, without the need to customise heavily detailed code and panic over security.

Used Nappies

Buy and sell used cloth nappies on the UK’s number 1 auction site to buy and sell used, pre-loved washable cloth nappies and real nappy accessories.

Soft Play Reviews

View and review soft play centres local to you using our soft play directory. By parents, for parents. Filter by location, facility (free wifi, etc) and more.

As well as a bunch of big website-y projects, I like to do stupid micro-projects. Here are a few of the micro projects I’ve started on this blog:


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