London take two: part two

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Those of you anxiously awaiting the news of my second ‘big’ London trip (hi mum) will be disappointed to know that there was little in the way of drunken clubbing and strip clubs this time round. Unfortunately my flu-like-bug recovery turned into a sinus infection while I was away and I ended up pottering about feeling sorry for myself and having early nights.

That said, it wasn’t all snot and early bedtimes. I did get to meet Kip at the Tefal event thingy we’d been invited to (which I posted a couple of pictures of on Instagram) — as well as Alex and a handful of other bloggers — and it was exactly as awesome as I’d expected.

Gaz and I also did the Crime Museum exhibit, a bunch of other touristy stuff, left a shit comedy gig early and by some amazing fluke won £175 dropping £5 on 16 (the day we met) on the roulette wheel at the birthday thing on Saturday. This would be more awesome if I hadn’t spent £140 on a dress earlier that day.


And I wasn’t even drunk.

Anyway, another good trip despite lurgies. See you next year London.

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  1. Arwen said:

    I think the last time I spent that much on a dress was when I went to prom and it wasn’t even my money. I could only imagine that this dress you bought is super fabulous.

    Despite being sick, it sounds like you had a lot of fun! Now that I’ve learned there’s a crime museum in London, I know where I’m going whenever I get around to visiting London again. :D

  2. Cindy said:

    I’m thirding the “I want to see this dress!!!” sentiment here. :)

    Bummer about the sinus infection though (god, don’t you just love the general snottiness that comes with the flu recovery?!); hope it’s gone away by now.