Slight Dilemma

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This time next week I’m going to be in Wales; we’re stopping until the Monday.

I am “supposed” to be blogging every day.

Do I write double posts this week and schedule for the days I’m gone? (And hope WordPress doesn’t let me down again) Or just not post? That seems like the pants option, as I’ve been doing OK with this blogging lark. Not resorted to blogging about blogging yet (except this post, obviously, but it does have a purpose!)

If I double-up and schedule, which of these in-progress drafts do you think you’d most want to read?

  • Leak-Proof Night Time Cloth Nappies (product review)
  • Coping Without TV
  • Me and my Mooncup
  • Breastfeeding and Feminism
  • Breastfeeding and Booby Traps
  • Am I ever going to go a week again without blogging about breastfeeding? Ahem.
  • Other: please specify

PS. If you could click “love it” next to this kid’s drawing (friend of a friend’s kid) that would be awesome: BeeLion (you will need to connect your facebook account, don’t forget to revoke permissions afterwards)

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12 comments so far

  1. Hanna said:

    I like the 6th topic. ;)

    Anyway, this won’t come to you as a surprise but I totally want to read about your mooncup and breastfeeding + feminism.

    And have fun in Wales. I hope you are going to go there for holiday!

  2. Kristina said:

    Coping without TV!
    By the way, I watched a show on BBC3 the other day with Cherry Healey investigating whether breast is best. I wondered if you watched it, it was interesting. :D

  3. Han said:

    Mooncup lol! I can’t say good enough things about them! Even though I don’t have periods ATM (implant!) I think it’s wonderful!! Clean hygienic good for the environment and it doesn’t irritate!! Everyone should have one!! Ive not bought tampax in 3 years!!!

  4. Vera said:

    Coping without TV for me too :P
    Well I’ve been pretty much without it for a few years now… but I still want to hear someone else’s opinion on it too. :P

  5. Meggan said:

    TV! Ohhh TV please. I am so curious about other people’s TV habits.

    That and Booby Traps because I am interested in your take. And your experiences. Or the feminism one.

    Actually, basically any of those would be good, but those are my top picks.

  6. Mumblies said:

    Food! I’ve heard enough about Mooncups and I don’t do telly myself. I think I know a little bit about breastfeeding so how about a post on quick and tasty meals for hardworking mums and dads?

  7. echo said:

    Mooncup! I’m not certain what it is but I’d like to find out. I suspect it could be the UK version of a DivaCup. Whether it is or isn’t, I like typing and reading the word ‘mooncup’…
    My second choice would be coping without TV.

  8. adastra said:

    I’m curious what there is to cope without TV – I haven’t had a TV for over 5 years and I’m very happy about it. But that doesn’t mean I don’t watch TV shows and movies, on the contrary, I watch quite a lot of them…

  9. Katherine said:

    I would say mooncup. They don’t have those in the states (as far as I know anyway), I’m curious about any pros and cons associated with them, but I have to admit the Bpoby Traps post idea certainly caught my interest as well. :D