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Furry Friday: Buckets

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Hex and Fudge have multiple nicknames. Hex is also known as “Noodles” (Hexy Noodles) and Fudge as “Buckets” (Fudgey Buckets). The later, mostly to do with the fact that Fudge’s stomach is like a bucket… a bottomless pit. Case in point: Karl and I had just finished our evening meal, when Fudgey appears…

nom nom nom

Nom nom nom, burnt chip. Strange cat. (He can also normally be seen noming on custard creams, bourbon biscuits, guinea pig grass nuggets, fluff, hair, his own butt, etc.)

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16 comments so far

  1. Louise said:

    LOL bucket… Such a funny word. :P Fudgey Buckets is adorable times 1million.

    Oh and, my cat likes to nom whatever we’re eating at the dinner table. Naughty pest.

  2. Vasili said:

    My cat was on the table today, just sitting there like, "Hey, what’s up? It’s really nice up here." *ear twitch*

    Fudgey Buckets and Hexy Noodles are so cute sounding. :D

  3. Britney said:

    He’s a cutie-pie, though. So funny.
    When my cat, Jerry, was a kitten, my dad cooked some ham with this extremely hot, hot sauce (called Spontaneous Combustion, Google it if you want) and Jerry wanted some ham. So, my dad gave him a piece of it and Jerry was ‘slapping’ his mouth to get it out. He’s never begged for food since ;)
    Cute picture, Jem!!!

  4. Trish said:

    Awww, he’s so cute! Cats can actually eat that stuff without dying? My cat loves to eat tuna…and milk every once in a while. Other than that, I’m too afraid to give him anything else.

  5. Mumblies said:

    Poor little half starved pussum, You can clearly see how underweight and thin he is :) I’m not so sure about the ‘Buckets’ name, I think ‘Gannet’ might be a tad more suitable for him :)

  6. Chantelle said:

    Wow. Fudge is so big now. He’s still super cute too. My cat’s name is Alexander. So, his nickname is "Alex." So lame… Sometimes, I call him "A-chan," but he doesn’t understand that, so he’s just "Alex" or "Alexander."

  7. Ron Russell said:

    I have an inside dog and outside cats (3) went outside and fed them last night, then came back inside–found a few more scraps of food and took they out. And there gathered around the cat bowl were my 3 cats, a possum, and 1 skunk. I shook my head and went back in. They all seemed to be enjoying themselves.

  8. Mimi said:

    I think I must demand some more pictures of Hex! Poor Hex doesn’t get the coverage that Fudge Buckets does! ;) Granted Fudge is ridiculously adorable, eating his own butt makes me laugh a bit as well. I can borrow your cats plz? :o

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