January Meal Plan 11th-18th

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See other January meal plan post for reasons for splitting this months/why it’s mostly veggie…

  • 11th: Egg fried rice with veggies
  • 12th: Vegetable lasagne
  • 13th: Sticky chicken & potato wedges
  • 14th: Cauliflower cheese
  • 15th: Hippie pie (didn’t get to make it on Monday 7th as we had a late evening)
  • 16th: Swede & potato boulangère
  • 17th: French onion and sage soup
  • 18th: Vegetable pie (pastry top)

Still welcome your veggie ideas. I will try and incorporate as many as I can this month (but dependent on veg box contents).

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  1. Kris said:
    On January 11, 2013 at 8:12 pm

    Psssh it was not a late evening, you just wanted chips ya greedy bugger :P <3


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