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I bought a Dell XPS 15

I’ve been trying to justify buying a new laptop for nearly 2 years. Despite it being the only thing that allows me to earn an income, I have been stuck in this “the old one still works” mindset: even though it’s slower, heavier, and has…

 |  Geek

First Post on New Laptop

After ignoring what could possibly be sound advice I decided to order the Dell Vostro 1000. It arrived today, and here I am typing away. Or rather, I’m “yping” away because I seem to have a bit of a dodgy T key. I’m not sure…

 |  Geek

Justifying Big Spends

Some of you may remember that I was given a new computer at work at the end of last month (an AMD Althon 64 X2 Dual-Core 5000 beast). I can assure you all it’s working fantastically. In fact, it’s working too fantastically. Over the past…

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