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Fuse Magazine: A Brief Look

Fuse: An Online Magazine, a new collaborative web project created and compiled by Sarai (, went live today. First up, I’ll admit that most online magazines annoy the crap out me. It seems that all a person has to do to gain a little link-popularity…

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Review: Design by Treitner

I don’t review many sites these days because time and time again I am presented with the same shit. Someone’s blog with a regurgitated free WordPress theme, subtly modified enough to warrant removing the credit line but demonstrating no actual skill. Graphics/resource sites with MySpace…

 |  Review

Reviewing the Reviewers

It’s that time of year again. Most students are back from their summer holidays, settling in to the old routine AKA mass procrastination to avoid their homework. These avoidance techniques commonly include starting a “WPR”, or “web page review [site]”. It’s a harmless pastime, but…

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Fair Review Project

Back when the reviewing website ReviewMe first came out I debated with myself whether reviewing for these guys was any different to blogstitution — i.e. pay per posts and sites of that ilk. I never did make my mind up but decided that I didn’t…

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