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Boss’s Orders!

My Boss told me before I left work this afternoon that I had to blog about how he has educated my musical tastes over the past two days because he’s been playing some old Christmas music. I actually want to blog about how much I’d…

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Job Interviews, etc.

I’ve actually been putting off blogging for the past week or so because everything I’ve want to write about has been job-orientated, and I didn’t want to go and get myself dooced before I’ve even been given the job. Anyway, I think it’s safe to…

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Useless Websites

You searched for:Locations: within 10 miles of TelfordChannel: IT & Internet SectorSpecialism: (Helpdesk/Support OR Web Development) AND (Graduate &/or Entry Level) Unfortunately your search did not match any of our current vacancies. This is one of the downfalls of specialising in IT. Employers are far…

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Cherie Blair?

Apparently Cherie Blair is walking around my college? I wondered who they were on about when they rang to say we had to be in early because we had VIPs walking around. I wish they’d given us a bit of notice.. I could have put…

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