Epic Life-changing News

I recently made a decision which will almost certainly change the course of my life forever. I quit my job. It wasn’t in my long term plan — with 2 kids I’d previously dismissed working for myself as impractical and risky — but thanks to the government arsing about with tax credits I realised that… read more →

Follow up: February’s Move to WordPress (Again)

In February, I made the decision to move back to WordPress after over two years of using my own blog system / Habari. It was a combination of lack of time to keep things secure (compared to WordPress which has single-click upgrade) and the need to have somewhere I could quickly “just write” without juggling… read more →

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Ironbridge Photography Project

I have the privilege of living in the most beautiful county in the UK: Shropshire. (Not that I’m biased or anything.) This is highlighted in the towns surrounding my own; Ironbridge, Coalbrookdale and the like. Steeped in history, full of landmarks like The Iron Bridge… on their own, they are fairly interesting, but a recent… read more →

Useful (cool) icon finding site

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to find some obscure UK debit card icon, or a certain size of twitter icon (whatever) for work… I have an Icons folder for saving sets that I probably wouldn’t be able to find easily again: (Like my desktop wallpaper? It’s from vladstudio) And yet all… read more →

Handy WordPress Dev Stuff

I recently mentioned some bespoke WordPress plugin development I was doing for a work client; I have a few links I saved at the time which helped me build in styles using built-in WordPress classes, as well as functions / hooks / etc which made my life easier. I thought they may be of use… read more →

WordPress Plugin Development

Although I’ve used WordPress on and off for years, the closest I usually get to plugin development is custom widgets. This is not through lack of willing, but rather that everything I’ve wanted is already out there and I’m too lazy busy to reinvent the wheel. However, one of our work clients has put in… read more →

Sod you, you and you.

I’ve had a bloody shit day and it can’t end soon enough. What with mail issues for a major client (who I really get on with, so it annoys me on a personal level) that seem to be never ending — despite the fact that everything seems OK at server level — and the gas… read more →

Looking at 2007, Preparing For 2008

Around this time last year I was surmising both a stressful and successful 2006. Although 2007 was nowhere near as life-changing, it still saw me enrol in — and complete the first module of — my first step towards an official qualification in web development. I gained my first pay rise in the job that… read more →

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All Loose Ends Tied (hah)

I finally received confirmation yesterday that my application for the course on web apps I talked about has been received and accepted, so I am trying to tie up as many loose ends and get as much stuff done as possible. This is not as easy as you’d think, because every time I try and… read more →