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No Regrets

I’ve waxed lyrical on and off social media recently about the benefits of going back to work on my mood (and sanity) and I think, in the process, somehow given off this impression that working for myself was the worst thing I’ve ever done and…

 |  Work

All change (again)

This time last week I made a cryptic reference to stuff that might be happening here in chez Jem – because I know how much people like cryptic posts and don’t find them in the least bit annoying ;) Well, I think I’m probably OK…

 |  Personal


Posted this to facebook, but then decided I wanted to put it somewhere more public to keep me accountable. Although I think that teaching myself to code and creating a career off the back of it is probably one of my biggest achievements in life,…

 |  Misc

The Important Things

Karl has taken the kids out for a few hours so that I can get some work done, so I’ve started with the important things: Had a wee in peace Had a hot cup of coffee & had bacon sarnie all to myself. (I’ve also…

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