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WordPress Themes?

Now that I’m back in WordPress it would be much easier for me to write and release some freebie WordPress themes. Good idea/bad idea? Addenendum: I have been playing with the WP-Supercache plugin, which has the unfortunate side effect of breaking the themeswitcher. Although this…

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The Woes of WordPress

Since converting back to WordPress I’ve been having some difficulties with my site. It’s not the fault of WordPress per se (I just liked the sound of the title) but rather my inefficient system, and my impatience. In my haste to get the live WP…

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Migration Back to WordPress

Yes, as if the credit link at the bottom of the page and the various “WordPress-esque” features hadn’t already given it away: I’ve moved back to WordPress. Before the geeky among you gasp and sigh (and the likes of my Mum wonder what the fuss…

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What is UP with WordPress?

I’ve tried to comment on about 12-15 blogs this past couple of days. All using WordPress, all ATE my comment. Not literally ate, but put me into moderation each time. It’s beginning to get really bloody irritating, because I know for a fact that I…

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I Don’t Use WordPress

I posted a comment aimed at the owner of on the latest update at CodeGrrl earlier, effectively pointing out that she was still distributing insecure scripts. Shortly after I got a response from an obviously blind butthead making assumptions about my choice of blogging…

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Freebie WordPress Themes

You know how I’m just so generous and lovely and awesome? Well, because of these wonderful traits of mine I’ve added some free WordPress themes. Only two at the moment, but I’ll gradually add to the collection. If anybody wants to see one of my…

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