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Comma Separated Link List

A thread at some random forum asking how you make your WordPress links look like “this, this, this” popped up in my tutorialtastic referrers, so I figured I’d post how I do it here. Firstly, you’ll want to alter the way WordPress displays the links.…

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Google Analytics Plugin

If any of you out there are running the ‘Google Analytics for WordPress’ plugin, and have upgraded to WordPress 2.6, make sure you also upgrade the plugin. Although it doesn’t ask to be upgraded and the upgrade version is the same as the previous, it…

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WordPress Plugin Pet Peeves

I’ve upgraded my WordPress this evening, after having waited until my StumbleUpon traffic slowed a bit (yes, still getting hits from them) because I didn’t want to present a bunch of Stumblers with errors if it all went wrong. After doing so, I went on…

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My StumbleUpon Beating

I’m currently being pounded by StumbleUpon users thumbs-up’ing my geek t-shirts page, so will finally see tonight whether WordPress is capable of filling the gaps that my custom blog system left wide open. Just to be on the safe-side, I’ve installed WP Super Cache, which…

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Chyrp: Lightweight Blogging Engine

I’ve currently got an ongoing project at work, part of which entails redeveloping a website and providing a news section. Given the functionality needed (not a lot) I would normally knock something together with PHP and MySQL, give it a basic admin panel and make…

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Bloody Akismet

You know how I mentioned that I was being spammed by link-droppers on dofollow posts? Well, this was despite running Akismet. It turns out, that on top of *not* picking up the blatant link-dropping, it was falsely listing some of my long-time readers as spam!…

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