Animal Crossing: Lets Go to the City Review

I can’t remember when I first got hooked on Animal Crossing… it must have been not long after the DS version came out (“Animal Crossing: Wild World“) because I’d never heard of it back when I spent weekends hard-wired in to the GameCube. I know that I’d read online that it was similar to Harvest… read more →

animal crossing lets go to the city

Earning Bells in Animal Crossing

Bells are the in game currency for the various Animal Crossing games. They’re used to buy items for your house, clothing for your little character and somewhat more importantly, pay off your mortgage so that you get can get a bigger house! This guide was originally written as a top ten list of ways to… read more →

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Wii Sports should come with a serious health warning. I was doing the boxing for just 15-20 minutes on Saturday and I’ve been crippled with shoulder/back pains since. I couldn’t sleep this morning because every time I tried to get comfortable I’d set the pain off again. In other Wii news, I’ve bought Wii Play… read more →

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Wii-lly Wii-lly Fun!

Who wants to come and play with my new Wiiiiiiii? YES :D I finally got one. I was playing on my GameCube (notice a Nintendo theme?) last night and casually told Karl to have a quick look on to see if it had spotted any in stock (not including the bundles, which I didn’t… read more →

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Wii Envy

My brother called me up at about 9:30pm Thursday evening to tell me he was in Tesco (local supermarket) and that he was queuing for a Wii. He was about 8th in line, they had 20 consoles to sell and he was offering to save me a place… …WHY, GOD, DID I SAY NO?! I’ve… read more →