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Lockdown Goals: Week 2 check in

This is the third post in a series I started after realising recently that my apathy and laziness was causing weight gain and a relapse of my more severe PMDD symptoms. You can read the rest of the posts here, from oldest to newest: Lockdown Weight Woes Lockdown Goals: Week 1 check in Goal: Minimum […]

Lockdown Goals: Week 1 check in

After realising recently that my apathy and laziness was causing weight gain and a relapse of my more severe PMDD symptoms, I set myself some goals this time last week. Today sees my first check in and a review of progress so far. Minimum 10,000 steps a day This one has been interesting. In normal […]

Why I Track Macros (Instead of Calorie Counting)

Disclaimer: this post is specifically about my nutritional strategy and is not meant as dietary advice nor a recommendation for weight loss. Please treat your bodies with love and respect, and don’t assume that just because I’m a macro-knob forever doing experiments on my body that you should too. Weight loss is massively over-rated, take […]


Content warnings: sexual abuse, eating disorders, loss during pregnancy I wanted to create a witty or poignant title for this post, but nothing I came up with seemed adequate. So here we have it: Food. For many of us, our relationships with food are complicated. From birth what we put in our mouth is mired […]

10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Exercise for Weight Loss

“What?!” I hear you exclaim. “Of course you should exercise if you want to lose weight!” Bzzzt, wrong. Here are ten reasons why you shouldn’t exercise for weight loss (and what you should do instead): Exercising for weight loss turns it into a chore By choosing exercise purely as a means to reach a weight […]

My Big Fat Identity

Whether we like it or not, we all of us have an “identity”. It’s made up of things like gender, sexuality and social class, and is influenced by family, our peers, the media we consume and so on. We can portray our identity in different ways with the clothes we wear, the tattoos we choose […]

My First Cut: The Write-Up

I officially finished my cut with Renaissance Periodization on Friday last week, ending it a few days short of the full 12 weeks (I had a weekend of gluttony planned). I ended the cut at roughly 143lbs, having started at 158lbs, giving a total of 15lbs loss. With an increase in all lifts except bench, and […]

Consistency and Cutting

Warning: this entry contains pictures of me in my pants. Sorry about that. I started this year sober and motivated, with the lofty goal of attending the gym consistently. Gaz’s generous gift of a year’s gym membership for my birthday in early January was going to be the catalyst for improvement in my strength and […]

Baring All

I plonked my wibbly wobbly stretch-marked belly (maybe NSFW, features underboob) on Instagram last night. It came off the back of a conversation with a gorgeous, sexy friend who mentioned that she had issues with her tummy. It’s a common one, especially for mums. I spent a long time hung up on my stomach. I’ve had […]

Radical Self Love

I posted this picture to instagram at the end of May: The general gist of the caption was that, while I don’t agree on everything my mum says & does, I did appreciate her “don’t give a fuck” attitude growing up and it helped me develop a similar approach to society’s pressures to look a […]