No, I’m not being rude and I’m not swearing at you… I’ve just finished reading a book (The Non-Designers Design Book — Robin Williams) and have learnt that “CRAP” is the best way of remembering the four basic design principles: Contrast, Repetition, Alignment and Proximity. I make no secret of the fact that I don’t… read more →

BellaBook3.3 RSS 2.0 Feed

Six — via the fanlistings message board — was talking about her script wishlist for 2007 and mentioned a guestbook with RSS 2.0 capabilities. Not one to miss the opportunity to gain a potential user, I offered to knock something up for BellaBook. The results, which work with version 3.3 are as follows (save it… read more →

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Beginner’s Guide to PHP – Part One

First things first, we might as well get out of the what PHP is not: PHP is not a replacement for HTML. PHP is not a synonym for MySQL. Although they work well together, they’re not the same thing. PHP is not all about layout-based includes. PHP is not magically going to make your website… read more →


Unrequested review of tutorials.delinquente.org

Reviewed: no idea Site URL: tutorials.delinquente.org I was tempted to name this review “how not to do a tutorial site”, but I don’t want to break with tradition. On one hand my super spider-sense says that I’m about to commit a major faux pas by reviewing you because you’re only 13, but hey — if… read more →

Review of 3till7net (2)

Reviewed: Sarah Site URL: 3till7.net I’m having difficulty starting this review. Most reviews I start off with a quick summary of my first impression of a website — it’s hard to do that when you’ve been visiting a website for years. Your new layout is not my favourite. I think the swirly zigzag pattern is… read more →

Unsafe PHP Scripts and the Safe Equivalents

I haven’t had time of late to do a detailed analysis of scripts that I’ve found to be unsafe for whatever reason, so I’m going to do a quick flick through of my list with basic reasons why. I’ll also try and provide links to “safe” alternatives where possible. Skip links: Simpbook, XueBook, PHPFanBase, Enthusiast3,… read more →

Writing Your Own CMS

Firstly, this is not a tutorial on how to write your own Content Management System (CMS).. if I were to write a tutorial on creating a basic CMS it’d be featured on tutorialtastic. This is just a list of things to consider when you decide to embark on the adventure of writing your own CMS.… read more →

And Another Review: blueberriez.com

When I decide to do an unrequested review, even if the site has been suggested to me by someone else, I have to personally find something irritating on the site before I’ll even consider ranting about it. It can be anything that sets me off — bad coding, useless content or an annoying webmaster. So,… read more →

Unrequested review of blueberriez.com

Reviewed: Nile Site URL: blueberriez.com Aw, look, it’s that cute panda thing! I think the company behind the TarePanda™ character (San-x I believe?) must be really generous to give so many people on the web permission to use their images. Unless of course you’re breaking the law and using images you have no rights over?… read more →