Beginner’s Guide to PHP – Part Four

In Part Three of the Beginner’s Guide to PHP we learnt about the if construct (“statement”), and using it to check the value of some input. In this guide we’ll learn about two more constructs: foreach() and array() foreach Construct foreach — a type of loop, but we’ll cover that more in the future —… read more →


BellaBook3.6 Release

BellaBook3.6 is out with some big-ish changes behind the scenes (tidying, etc). Mostly the same up front :) Testing would be appreciated as it’s late and I’m knackered, but always back-up entries.txt first. Update: fixed some typos that were causing edit/delete errors. Please re-download. I really shouldn’t code at 11pm of an evening. :/… read more →

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Dangers of Dofollow

I have been a supporter of the “dofollow” movement since before it became a movement. I’ve talked about its disadvantages before, but none were so apparent as the one that came to light this week. Digital Point forums is filled with spammers and sploggers trying to make a quick buck. While this is normally harmless… read more →


A bit of backstory: Ashley sent out an e-mail t’other morning to all of those who’d been waiting for a review at Timebomb Reviews announcing the re-opening of the site. (A counter-flounce?) I’m not sure what she set out to achieve by copying me in but it gave me the opportunity to offer those from… read more →

Beginner’s Guide to PHP – Part Three

I’ve had to restart this about 4 times now, because each time I decide to finish off, I get half way and somehow lose the file. I don’t know about l33t PHP Ninja; recently I’ve been l33t file loser. Anyway, quick recap: in Part Two of the PHP Beginners Guide I briefly covered the basic… read more →


Unrequested review of

Reviewed: Ronald Treitner Site URL: When I first found myself at the site, I assumed that it had been designed for Internet Explorer, because there’s an overlapping text issue at the bottom of the page: I mean, it’s no surprise that amateurs still target IE. It’s unfortunately holding its ground in the browser market… read more →

Dynamic/Changing Sidebars

I get a lot of people sending me e-mails, or using my Q&A thing to ask me how I did my dynamic/changing sidebars on the site. I think people over-complicate it and assume it’s a magic PHP thing when really, it’s not. Now, you have to bear in mind I don’t use WordPress and my… read more →


Back when I first heard of XHTML it seemed like a brilliant idea. Here was a type of mark-up with rules, and rules mean an excuse to be my normal perfectionist self. It wasn’t long before I’d converted all 200+ pages of my website to this beautiful, lower-case, tidy syntax and was getting the green… read more →