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BellaBook3.6 Release

BellaBook3.6 is out with some big-ish changes behind the scenes (tidying, etc). Mostly the same up front :) Testing would be appreciated as it’s late and I’m knackered, but always back-up entries.txt first. Update: fixed some typos that were causing edit/delete errors. Please re-download. I…

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Dangers of Dofollow

I have been a supporter of the “dofollow” movement since before it became a movement. I’ve talked about its disadvantages before, but none were so apparent as the one that came to light this week. Digital Point forums is filled with spammers and sploggers trying…

 |  Review


A bit of backstory: Ashley sent out an e-mail t’other morning to all of those who’d been waiting for a review at Timebomb Reviews announcing the re-opening of the site. (A counter-flounce?) I’m not sure what she set out to achieve by copying me in…

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Back when I first heard of XHTML it seemed like a brilliant idea. Here was a type of mark-up with rules, and rules mean an excuse to be my normal perfectionist self. It wasn’t long before I’d converted all 200+ pages of my website to…

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