What’s your process?

One of the things I am really keen on doing this year is to improve my workflow / development process. I have a very “make it up as I go along” approach to building a website (as demonstrated by my live dev ;)) which I think is fine for personal projects sometimes, but when you’re… read more →

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5 ways to profit from blogging without advertising

I actually wanted to name this post “5 ways to profit from blogging without sticking great big flashy advertising banners all over it or pretending you love krill oil” but I decided that was probably a little too long. However, I do have some genuine tips on how to make a little bit of money… read more →

Work In Progress: rev.iew.me Conversion

rev.iew.me is a website / web page reviewing community. Launched in 2008, it was designed and developed specifically to help web designers, developers and hobbyist webmasters receive critical feedback for their website projects. As part of a larger package of updates and new features coming to the site, I have been plotting a conversion to… read more →

Remember Amelie?

Do you remember Amelie? My sofa, that is… Turns out she’s not as comfy as she looks when you’re stuck on her nursing 24/7 (oh, newborns…) Still, being sofa-bound means I’ve been able to (literally) one-handedly launch Jem On WordPress. I wanted to do a full, ‘official’ launch, but as making a big deal out… read more →

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Starting from Scratch – 3 Must Have Plugins

When I set up a new WordPress blog or website, which can be several times a week these days, there’s a short list of must have settings to configure, tweaks to make and plugins to install. Below are my top 3 ‘must have’ plugins for every WordPress install. WordPress SEO by Joost de Valk Although… read more →

Habari and Women in Web Design and Development

Ben just linked me to a noupe article about women in web design (and yes, after their previous fuck up with my details it pains me to link to them) which discusses some well known women on the web, why women are treated like shit in the industry, and some advice for young women. It’s… read more →

Beginner’s Guide to PHP – Part Six

Functions are the lifeblood of PHP. You can’t do a lot without PHP’s built-in functions, and life would get very tedious very quickly if you weren’t able to define your own in a script. Let’s take, for example, one of my scripts: BellaBook. BellaBook is a flat file guestbook and so constantly writes to files.… read more →


Beginner’s Guide to PHP – Part Five

Back in Part Four of the Beginner’s Guide to PHP, we covered the basics of arrays, and the foreach construct which is used to iterate over arrays. Today, you get to learn about for(), woot for you. According to the PHP manual, for() loops are the most complex in PHP, so I’m hoping I can… read more →