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 |  Misc

I Love Days Like This

Sunshine, cuddles, laughter (“cow poo!”), unsupervised paint creativity (multi-coloured toddler), shared ice cream, good food, gardening, splashing in the puddle bath (paddling pool), and a voluntary bed time at 6:45 that took less than 15 minutes. I especially liked that last part.

 |  Parenting

What a Bloody Day

Today has been one bloody disaster after another. It’s taking all my might not to use the “f” word, I tell ya. First, we were due a flat inspection this morning at 10:30 (because we live in a private “managed” property). We got up at…

 |  Home & Garden

Rain Rain Go Away

It’s probably not hit the news over in the States because rain in the UK is hardly a new thing, but here in England and in Wales we’ve got some serious wet weather issues going on at the moment. The country is under water in…

 |  Interwebs

The Internet Sucks

Yes, you read that right, the Internet suxxors. It was the Internet that told me that it was going to rain all day Friday which is why I made the decision not to go out with my camera. It was sunny most of the day…

 |  Home & Garden

Where Do Swans Go?

No, this isn’t one of life’s little questions like “where do flies go in winter?”, but a genuine concern. Over the last few weeks I’ve been regularly watching two swans on the River Severn. They must have been nesting because there was a built up…

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