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 |  Personal

Weekend in a Tent

Gaz and I celebrated our first anniversary by spending the bank holiday weekend in a tent. I have to admit I was a little anxious about the whole thing. It’s May, and the weather is still changeable, so I expected a weekend of rain. Gaz…

 |  Parenting

Making Memories

Filled the car with picnic bits, a bucket and spade and the kiddies & headed off to Wales at 9:30 this morning. Karl spent most of the way there moaning that the traffic would be horrendous on the way back but I say it’s worth…

 |  Parenting

Last Minute Holiday

It was decided at about 9pm last Thursday that a short holiday was in order, last minute booking of a family style resort in Wales ensued. Date to leave? The morning after! Nothing like forward planning… ;) Isabel seemed to enjoy herself, and got to…

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