6 things you should be doing with your business website

1. Phone number on every page I know it can seem intimidating to list a phone number on your website when you’re a work at home parent, but many suppliers and customers prefer to talk rather than e-mail, even in this day and age. One of my favourite clients — whose WordPress website I maintain… read more →


Fitness Tips for Busy Work at Home Parents

Many of those who work at home find fitness right near the bottom of their list of priorities. Work at home parents in particular often find that they’re so busy juggling the demands of children, partners, work and household chores that fitness doesn’t fit on the list at all. However, this approach to fitness is… read more →

Disable WordPress Trash

I have a habit of deleting a post in WordPress and then 3 days later re-writing it from scratch. I consider this part of my strange but effective editorial process. However, when the WordPress gurus introduced the trash can feature I suddenly started getting posts with URLs like “permalink-2”, “permalink-3”. D’oh — my posts were… read more →