An evening with Circus Funtasia

I was recently invited to pop along to see the travelling animal-free circus “Circus Funtasia” as they’re in Madeley, in nearby Telford, for the weekend. Circus Funtasia have visited Madeley on several occasions, and each time we drive past the signs the kids will pester and badger about going along, I’ll promise we can go… read more →

Opening night at Novello Lounge, Telford

For a large town, Telford has a pretty poor nightlife. With an estimated population of 155,000 (according to Wikipedia), which makes it the largest town in Shropshire, it beggars belief that we Telfordians have to travel to Bridgnorth, Shrewsbury and beyond if we want a few cocktails and some decent music to start a night out.… read more →

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Never buy a car from Dream Car Sales, Telford

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Dream Car Sales are now Redland Car Sales At the end of October last year, I wrote an entry in which I mentioned a local car dealer: Dream Car Sales, Telford. We bought a car from Dream Car Sales to tide us over while ours was undergoing repair because I was heavily pregnant… read more →


Telford Isn’t All Bad

Now that I’ve convinced you all I live in some sort of scummy drug-filled ghetto where the lowest of the low choose to take root and reproduce, I would like to point out that it’s not all bad. Telford — named after Thomas Telford the famous civil engineer — is home to the The Iron… read more →

Telford is Full of Chavs

According to the website of my local newspaper, the mayor of Telford & Wrekin has reacted to comments published online and “has come out fighting against the website for publishing the rebuke.” Come out fighting? Since when is whinging in the local newspaper “fighting”? I think Councillor Hosken needs to get real. I’ve lived in… read more →