I got a little bit excited yesterday evening after Izzy told me her mouth was hurting as we brushed her teeth (oops, that sounds awful!) I had assumed she was just complaining because she was tired and grumpy, but nope… turns out she has two permanent teeth coming in.

Took me a little by surprise as she hasn’t actually lost her baby teeth yet, but apparently this is a relatively common phenomenon called “shark teeth” (which sounds pretty cool to me). Izzy didn’t think it was cool last night, and got herself all worked up because she was confused about how the teeth were coming up, worried that the tooth fairy wouldn’t know to come, etc. Thanks to a Charlie & Lola episode in which Lola loses a wobbly tooth eating an apple, Izz is now insistent that she has to eat lots of apples for the foreseeable future…

Oliver is also experiencing something new, although more at the “other end” of things as it were. He’s spent the past couple of weeks in pants during the day and we’ve had no more than a couple of accidents tops. He’s very pleased with himself and keeps telling me what a “super job” he’s doing at potty training. This is the second time my wait-til-they’re-ready approach has paid off and enabled a smooth transition straight into pants. Obviously that makes me an expert on potty training now – I should write a book ;)

My babies, they’re growing up! *wipes away a tear*

Bla bla bla

This weekend marks the first of a 6 week break for summer and since Izz went down to 3 day term-time only nursery this means that I’ll actually have to parent two children full time for more than a few days. Oh, and do my share of the housework and build my web empire at the same time. Not that I’m crapping myself or anything (mostly about the having to parent two children part).

Oliver is walking now. Sort of. He’s progressed from “only when nobody is looking” to “whenever he sees a reasonable gap between furniture”. We went to Ikea yesterday and for a while he went from room setup to room setup walking, stumbling, climbing on the furniture. He’s wobbly but getting there.

As I’ve been majorly sucky at making notes to turn into blog posts recently you’ll have to excuse my run of meal plans etc. It seems that my life is currently one big blur of kids-work-not actually sleep because Oliver is teething-kids-work … you get the idea. (Oliver’s bringing in molar #4 and possibly also canines #1 and #2.)

I should probably do a 2013 goal review post at some point but as it’d be “I’m failing at them all apart from the last one” I probably should wait until I have something to celebrate. Like not being a big failypants.

I upgraded my baby slow cooker that my mum bought me years ago (and has only ever made rice pudding) to a proper family size one so I can start doing my slow roasts etc without leaving the oven turned on for 4-6 hours at a time. Will be interesting to see what that does to help with the electricity bill.

That’s probably the most exciting thing that’s happened here lately so I’ll shut up now and go veg in front of Grey’s Anatomy & wait til Oliver wakes. Again.


Today I’m just going to ramble on about the ‘stuff’ that is going on here. First, though, thank you if you answered my question yesterday. Context: I had it in my head that my long-time readers had all but buggered off after I had the kids. It’s nice to see how many of you are floating about despite the talk of boobs and poo etc ;) I’m especially impressed that some of you have been ‘here’ since the beginning. Wow. Anyway…

  • I launched WAHMweb this week, for mums like me working from home. It’s as much to get help as to give it… there’s a distinct lack of info out there on tax, benefits, entitlements etc for mums (and dads) working from home and lots of misinformation too. I hope to be adding some posts to Jem On WordPress re: technical side of things when I get 15 mins spare.
  • I am now pretty much fully booked with projects until the end of November at least, which I’m finding a little daunting. Not the time aspect — I’ve left plenty of ‘spare’ time to account for unforeseen problems, illness etc — but because people are paying me to do stuff. Despite having done this for 8 or so years, now that I’m fully accountable for myself it’s bloody scary.
  • Isabel is withholding again after 6 or so months doing brilliantly, and Oliver appears to be teething, so two grumpy kids means I’m a little on edge. Doesn’t help that I’ve dramatically reduced my coffee intake over the past few days to see if it was coincidence that Oliver slept better the night after the day I didn’t have chance to drink any.
  • I’ve got a bunch of product reviews in progress. Nobody has complained about these yet, are they bugging people? I’m not being paid for reviews but do get sent the stuff for free.
  • I need a bigger margin on these list items…