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 |  Review

I bought a Dell XPS 15

I’ve been trying to justify buying a new laptop for nearly 2 years. Despite it being the only thing that allows me to earn an income, I have been stuck in this “the old one still works” mindset: even though it’s slower, heavier, and has…

 |  Review

Shiny new Acer Aspire E1

I’ve been bending Karl’s ear recently about my laptop. After posting not so long ago on Snark about how it was just fine for a near-7-year-old laptop, I think I must have jinxed it. Suddenly it was creaking at the seams, not coping with what…

 |  Geek, Personal

The Asus Eee

Although I’m a self-confessed geek, it’s never really been about the gadgets for me. I don’t need the latest and greatest mobile phone (my ancient Nokia 3310 still works); the MacBook Air is still a poncy piece of kit (a classic example of a sub-standard…

 |  Geek

MacBook Air Sucks Too

So, Apple have released a new MacBook: the “MacBook Air”: MacBook Air is ultrathin, ultraportable and ultra … ..pointless? featureless? useless? overpriced? Yes, I totally agree. It is being piped by Apple fangirls and boys everywhere as the perfect tool for wireless communication and work…

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