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In which I admit failure

I failed another Sugar-Free September. It’s not my fault, honest. The biscuit spread leapt out of the jar into my mouth. The jelly beans tempted me with their sweet, sweet goodness. The cocktails proved too much for my willpower. Oh well, maybe next year :/

 |  Updates

Quick Update

Izz’s first day of school went fine :) the highlight of her day was apparently the chocolate pudding she had after lunch I’m on day 3 of Sugar Free September 2014 and apart from some odd cravings on the 1st, which I think were hormone-driven,…

 |  Personal

Sugar Free September

So. Having delayed and delayed since the post at the beginning of the year when I promised myself I’d go one month sugar free, I’ve finally committed myself to a month of sugar free: September. My rules are as follows: No sugar (white/brown) in coffee,…

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