What happened to January?

It only feels like 5 minutes ago I was getting myself all in a panic about how Isabel would settle at nursery, but apparently it’s well over a month. Oops. Neglecting my blog, much? Isabel settled into nursery quicker than I imagined she would. She’s adopted a blanket that I crocheted when I was about… read more →

Oh Bugger

Why is it that when I’m away from the computer I can formulate hundreds of blog entries in my head but the second I sit down to write anything, it all pours away? Buggery. I guess with the lack of anything inspirational or witty to say I should probably update you all on what’s going… read more →

The World of Jem

What’s going on in the world of Jem lately? Let’s see… I’ve been back at work 3 weeks now. It’s not as bad as I thought it would be. That’s not to say I wouldn’t rather be at home with Isabel, but I am actually enjoying parts of it. I know! Knock me down with… read more →

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Unexpected Feelings, Work, etc

Today I returned to work. Walking out of the door this morning was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my entire life; I felt like I was abandoning my daughter. Of course, I wasn’t… and she enjoyed her day with her Nannies (my mum and Lou) so barely noticed I’d gone. Work… read more →

Sucker for Punishment

After taking 2 years out because of my health/family situation I’ve finally re-enrolled in my course, with the next module starting October 1st. I’m also returning to work on November 15th (ish). So, what with juggling my websites, Isabel, driving lessons and now this… think my brain is going to explode.… read more →

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I Passed My JavaScript Module

I finally remembered to check the results for the second module of my course today; I received another Grade 2 pass as per the first module. Given my self-confessed loathing of JavaScript I didn’t even expect to get that far. I am annoyed though, to be quite honest. I have a weak spot when it… read more →

One of them Personal Updates

I signed up to the second module of my course earlier this week — that starts in May — so expect another one of those crazy mad rush sprees while I get everything finished up in anticipation of sitting on my arse avoiding the coursework. Procrastination ftw. Hex has been poorly, we had two vet… read more →

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I Passed and Other Things

News, news, random crap, etc. I passed the first module thingy of my course. It only (why is there no “<sarcasm>” tag?) took them 3 months to mark the damned essay report! Grade 2 Pass, whatever that means? The thin looking kitty from the garden — so named Mr Scruffy, how original — has been… read more →

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Looking at 2007, Preparing For 2008

Around this time last year I was surmising both a stressful and successful 2006. Although 2007 was nowhere near as life-changing, it still saw me enrol in — and complete the first module of — my first step towards an official qualification in web development. I gained my first pay rise in the job that… read more →

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