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Ethics of Stats Tracking

I was recommending Mint recently as an excellent way of keeping an eye on click-through, a good way to find out exactly where visitors are going, how they’re getting in (whether through a link, Google search), etc.. and I was asked the question “is it…

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Don’t Trust Awstats

What with the talk of hits recently and a few Awstats/Webaliser screenshots being flashed about as if they were some sort web badge (been there, done that, made a prat of myself) I have to chuck in my own tuppence worth: “hahahaha”. If you’re using…

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Fancy a Mint?

I’ve just invested in Mint. I wasn’t sure if it’d be worth it and have been trying to justify the purchase for a few days, as well as convincing Karl that I wasn’t wasting my money (beating a dead horse there) but I’ve only had…

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Use Your Direct-Linkers

Direct linkers are, quite frankly, the bane of the Internet. They claim images and other multimedia as their own when it’s clearly not, and use up your bandwidth. This is not such a big deal if you’ve got hundreds of gigabytes of bandwidth to spare,…

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