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Best Phishing Mail Ever

I just found this phishing e-mail in my junk box. I find it absolutely hilarious: Subject: This is an official notification from United Kingdom Government For security reasons, you must update your account to protect your bank account from disable. Please Click Here to complete…

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Not So Spammy Spam

Over the last few weeks I’ve been receiving comments from people called “Guardian Dental” and “Cisco Vpn”. Now, I’ve heard some funny names in my time but I’m pretty sure we haven’t stooped as low as naming our children after insurance and networking tools. The…

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spammy emails

Spam makes me laugh. A college d1pl0mva can help you get a better job now. ..apparently a college diploma can’t help you to get better at spelling though. Tut tut. Diplomas from PRESTlGlOUS NON-ACCREDlTED UNlVERSlTlES Someone should tell the spammer that some unknown mean person…

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