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Upgrading to Firefox4

I downloaded Firefox 4 yesterday (and apparently I’m not alone, Mozilla have already racked up over 7 million downloads at the time of writing) and have been genuinely impressed by a) the speed of opening from a cold start and b) improved page load time.…

 |  Geek

Optimising Windows 7 for the AA1

I finally reached the end of my tether with Linpus on my netbook last week. Although it has the potential to be a nifty, quick operating system, it’s so restrictive that it makes the iPhone look good ;) Despite there being guides detailing how to…

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Common Myths About Microsoft Windows

As a web developer and general computer geek, I frequently find myself involved in discussions with other devs, designers and power-users over what operating system they’re using. I find myself in a minority, being a Microsft Windows user by choice. This isn’t inherently bad, especially…

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New Sexy GIMP Layout

To celebrate my move to a superior operating system (too early for the fangirling?) I hereby release my latest layout. It’s got blue, it’s got ninjas, it’s got icons, a gradient, syndicated feeds… it must be some sort of web 2.0 mish-mash hodge-podge?! I’m trying…

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I came across via Hacker News last week. The idea is that you enter in your domain and a password, and it generates some HTML for you which allows visitors to upload files via your site, except the uploads are sent to uploadthingy. It…

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Downgrading Firefox

While everyone is busy upgrading their WordPress, I spent this morning downgrading Firefox. As most of you will likely remember, I upgraded to Firefox 3 on download day and was “quite happy” with it. The excitement was fairly short-lived, unfortunately. I’ve been having problems with…

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MacBook Air Sucks Too

So, Apple have released a new MacBook: the “MacBook Air”: MacBook Air is ultrathin, ultraportable and ultra … ..pointless? featureless? useless? overpriced? Yes, I totally agree. It is being piped by Apple fangirls and boys everywhere as the perfect tool for wireless communication and work…

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