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Online Shopping Suggestion

It’s fast approaching that time of year where I’m spending triple-digit sums on crap that people will look at once and then hide in the cupboard until they can find someone else to give it to. I actually quite enjoy spending money on people though,…

 |  Misc

My Day Off

I am having my Friday off tomorrow (don’t normally work Fridays but haven’t taken any off for months) and am not sure what I should do. I was originally planning on taking a walk to the local town (Ironbridge — look it up, it’s famous)…

 |  Misc

Splashing Out

I decided I should treat myself for getting a new job, and bought a pre-owned Nintendo DS today. It wasn’t a bad price, and the console is in reasonable condition (the case is a bit scuffed but the screens are top notch, which is what…

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