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Christmas Presents for Men

Am I the only one who struggles to buy Christmas presents for men? It’s that time of year again (and right up there with birthdays and anniversaries); normally I spend weeks trying to think of the perfect present and still end up buying books, socks…

 |  Misc

I Bought a Skirt

Anyone who knows me, or has been reading my blog a while, will know why the very act of buying a skirt has need of an entry of its own. To put it into perspective: the last time I wore a skirt for any significant…

 |  Misc

That’s Baroness to you, Sir!

I recently bought some boots from Barratts to give myself more ankle support when I’m carrying Isabel (I walk for miles, and my trainers/sneakers weren’t doing the job). When checking out, I was asked to register, and the title field had a list a mile…

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The Cutest Booties

Isabel has some cute little pink fabric booties that I bought from Marks and Spencers, they’re perfect for keeping her socks on and feet warm while we’re out and about and she’s in the wrap. However, as she’s growing at a rapid pace, I splurged…

 |  Misc

Spending Money

Why is it that it’s only when I have no money that I can think of things to buy? Still got my eye on Windows 7, there’s a bunch of stuff I want for Izz (red and white spotty leg-warmers, doidy cup etc) and several…

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Repeated Amazon Problems

Has anyone else been having problems with Amazon lately? I did a lot of my Christmas stuff online thanks to the Amazon Prime trial. Free next day delivery is a bonus in anyone’s eyes! Anyway, when I did some seriously last minute shopping 3 days…

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