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Tots100, Nofollow and Hypocrisy

This afternoon, I ended up on ‘Bloggers didn’t Come Down in the Last Shower‘, a post by blogger Sally deriding SEOs for their approach to bloggers, PR and paid links. Sally has a problem with PR/SEO types who disguise their intentions or outright lie about…

 |  Geek

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

As a developer it’s always apparent to me that different people have different ideas about what search engine optimisation (or “SEO”) actually is. The most popular opinion, by far, is that search engine optimisation is a series of ‘magic’ tweaks and secret handshakes to make…

 |  Interwebs

Quick SEO Tip

I didn’t think I’d ever need to explain this because it seemed pretty obvious but a recent conversation at Snark proved otherwise… If you want to be listed in Google with your name (or any other word for that matter) you must include that name/word…

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