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 |  WAHM

Multi Level Marketing: Scam or Dream Ticket?

Anyone active on social media in recent times has likely come across network — or multi level — marketing schemes, potentially without even realising it. Usually, these schemes sell health and “wellness” or diet products, with sales persons claiming dramatic health improvements or weight loss,…

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Best Phishing Mail Ever

I just found this phishing e-mail in my junk box. I find it absolutely hilarious: Subject: This is an official notification from United Kingdom Government For security reasons, you must update your account to protect your bank account from disable. Please Click Here to complete…

 |  Interwebs

No Customers? Resort to Spam

Some of you may be aware of my previous post on Frozen Midnight Hosting in which I referenced their apparent defrauding of customers, and a follow-up on Jamie’s other “activities”. Well, I noticed a few hits through a thread at web hosting talk earlier so…

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