All the meat, and Age UK Leeds Abbey Dash 10k

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I travelled up to Leeds with Gaz to see my brother at the weekend, figuring I should probably make the effort as we’re getting close to C.. Chr… nope, can’t say it. We celebrated our mutual awesomeness by booking a meal at Fazenda, a Brazillian… read full entry →

Best Chips in Shropshire: The Bell Inn, Cross Houses

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I don’t often blog about my experiences eating out, but there are times when I’m so surprised (either positively or otherwise) by what I’m eating I can’t help but give it a mention. This is one of those times. I have recently had the pleasure… read full entry →

HostPapa? More like HostCrapper*

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* sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Yesterday I opened my work inbox first thing to a panicked email from a client (Sutton Community Farm) labelled “URGENT” – their website had gone down (again) with a Resource Limit Reached error. I quickly shot off a reply… read full entry →

Quick Product Mention: B&Q Mega Playmat

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We nipped to B&Q yesterday to get some bits to finish boarding the animal shed for winter and, as is the nature of any shopping trip, ended up buying things we didn’t plan on. One of the things we bought was the B&Q mega playmat… read full entry →

Exclusive Preview of WP Email Capture Premium

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One of the benefits of being super awesome cool like me is the things I get to see and do before everyone else. Today I am playing with (cough.. ‘testing’) WP Email Capture Premium before it’s official launch. WP Email Capture is an e-mail subscription… read full entry →

Unrequested review of

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Reviewed: No idea Site URL: I make no secret of the fact that I really don’t like poor quality tutorial sites. I make no secret of the fact that I aim to ‘out’ those with bad tutorials on their personal websites. Consider yourself blessed… read full entry →