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What I’m Doing Now

I recently found out about ‘Now’ pages via Mastodon (@jemjabella@mastodon.social and @jemjabella@wptoots.social in case you’re wondering) and found the concept intriguing – especially someone who not long ago 3 months ago lamented my failure to update regularly. The gist of the idea is that you have a page which gives visitors an update into your […]


I’m not really the sort of person who lives her life by books of any sort (unless you count Pratchett’s Discworld series?) but have been reading a few lately that have had me pondering life, the universe, everything… I bought How To Win Friends And Influence People roughly around the time I returned to work. […]

Currently Reading: The Art of SEO

I bought “The Art of SEO” while I was on maternity leave with my daughter, but funnily enough found little time to read it. It turns out babies don’t just lie around sleeping all day… who knew? Anyway, following my return to work I’ve invested time in compiling a list of books I’ve not read […]

Tech Books for Sale

I am trying to clear some space pre-move/pre-baby, as well as making a bit of extra money to put aside for emergencies and so was hoping to sell a few books on Amazon. Unfortunately they require you to have a UK credit card, which I don’t have, and as I’m ebay-aphobic I don’t want to […]