Waiting for my spuds to roast before CSI Miami…

You know it’s funny, I was contemplating taking part in the NaBloPoMo again this year, and yet here I am barely able to update once a week, let alone once a frickin’ day! It’s not necessarily for any set reason; work has slowed down a little — at least enough for my keyboard to stop… read more →

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Respect When It’s Convenient

As some of you may or may not know, the recently opened Neonglow forums have a celebrity-based header. I criticised this not long after it was opened and the general response from the admin (Becky/Sarai/Brent) can be summarised as “we don’t care”. Y’all know I don’t agree with copyright infringement but as I have no… read more →

Funky Spunky

I’ve had one of “those” days (well, evenings) and I can’t be bothered to blog properly, so here’s a few funky links and spunky web pages of use/interest I’ve found recently… Just when I thought that user-sign-up spam on phpBB couldn’t get any worse I found the phpBB admin toolkit which allows me to administer… read more →

Chavs, scripts and the British quiz

I’ve had a hilarious comment left on my Chavs article (unapproved at the moment, I can’t stand the chat speak). Anyway, thought it proved my point about chavs brilliantly: becky (e-mail removed) has left a comment on scr-chavs actually im a chav i think we smash it and we not dumb u just think we… read more →

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My Life, On a Bookshelf

I was in the bedroom thinking again last night (anyone spot a trend here?) and came to the conclusion that my bookcase, the one that Karl went out and bought in August, perfectly represents my life. How sad is that, eh? My life can be ‘explained’ within three shelves. First, there’s the bottom shelf: There’s… read more →

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Firefox 1.5 and Custom Cursors

So, I’ve come to realise over the past few days (and would have realised sooner had I read the change log) that Firefox 1.5 allows custom cursors (i.e. graphical cursors). This is something that wasn’t allowed before (by Firefox; IE does) and surely should also be classed, like coloured scrollbars, as part of the OS/browser… read more →

Reboot Continued

With all the things that went wrong with the reboot design, it’s a laugh a minute over here I tell you. Firstly, I password protected the site an hour or so before I rebooted on October 31st to allow myself time to get the layout and new pages/etc up without ruining the surprise and filling… read more →