Jemjabella is 10!

And what a weird thought to contemplate, blogging ‘here’ for 10 years. It’s almost bittersweet, because of late I’ve been hiding away from the bloggy world. A combination of continuous workload + raising a toddler has taken its toll on my time and inspiration, but actually, the real cause of my ‘disappearance’ has been the… read more →

What do you want to do?

Just saw an interesting thread on one of the forums I visit, “what do you want to do?” So I had a think about it, and here’s my list (in no particular order): Have more children (at least one), keep chickens, become more self-sufficient, work for myself, ride the world’s biggest rollercoasters, visit Egypt, finish… read more →

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Dear Skechers

Hello there, my name is Jem. About 6 years ago I bought my first pair of Skechers. They were amazingly comfortable. I’d never before had a shoe (trainer/sneaker/whatever) which had been such a great fit straight from the box. This was the beginning of what I hoped to be a lasting, fulfilling relationship with your… read more →

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First World Problems

I want to tell you all about my amazing daughter and how at 20 months she can already count to 15, identify several colours, name all of her body parts (including her “bits” – her words) and talk the hind leg off a donkey but I want to balance that with the guilt I feel… read more →

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Making Baby v2?

If you’re following me on twitter or facepoop you’ve probably seen my recent posts about my new nephew, baby Jack. “Unfortunately” this has thrown an already very broody me into the deep end of omg-another-baby thoughts. My original plan was to wait until Isabel hit 2 as a minimum. This is a) because I want… read more →

In Blog Limbo

I am in the unfortunate position of being in “blog limbo”. Despite vowing many moons ago never to become a mommy blogger, it became obvious roughly, oooh, 18 months ago that I was a big fat hypocrite and soon to break my one blogging rule. And, while I like to think I put my own… read more →

I Missed

…’s 9th birthday, on the 29th April. I don’t think I’ve missed the anniversary of my domain’s birth (ha) in years. :(… read more →

Last Minute Packing

Why do I do it every time? I’ve been prepping for this weekend for a few weeks, got lists as long as my arm to say X needs to go here, we’re taking Y with us, etc etc and yet here I am at 8:02 and I’ve still packed basically bugger all. Got posts to… read more →

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