Cook, clean, nurse the baby, sleep, code, clean, cook, herd the toddler, more cleaning, more nursing. Am I allowed to talk about how monotonous my life is right now or is that breaking one of the unwritten parenting rules? I’m either sat at my computer or behind a pan on the cooker top. I need… read more →

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5 things having a second child has taught me about parenting

1. Having your first child doesn’t teach you everything there is to know about parenting, it just teaches you about parenting THAT child… and even then, when you think you’ve got a handle on things and know what you’re doing, they go and have a developmental leap or change tactics and put you right back… read more →


I’ve been a bit out of sorts this week. It’s why I’ve not blogged and why I’ve still not sorted this month’s meal plan (and this is grating my nerves because I’ve been having the “what shall we have for tea” conversation with myself every evening; I’m lost without my meal plan). But anyway, here’s… read more →

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I get it now

A loooong, long time ago when it felt like half the world still blogged at Livejournal, the powers that be decided to remove avatars featuring breastfeeding women. All hell broke loose as mums and supporters alike caused a riot. I supported the protests at the time but said that, despite my position, I didn’t understand… read more →

Time Management

One of my big worries about working from home is the discipline required to achieve everything I need to do with the numerous distractions at home. While Oliver is small and sleeps or feeds most of the day, I have three full days for coding where Isabel is at nursery. I also have my evenings,… read more →

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When I had Isabel, I found the first few months of her life completely overwhelming. I don’t know if it was the shock of dealing with a demanding newborn at all hours, the pain I was in from my many stitches, the 6 weeks of lochia or simply the realisation that I could no longer… read more →


Oliver is 4 weeks old on Wednesday. On one hand he’s slotted into our ‘routine’ so well that it feels like he’s been here forever, but on the other … holy cow, that means I only have 11 months of maternity leave left. Yes, I’m keeping count. What’s your point? (I have a lot I… read more →

Remember Amelie?

Do you remember Amelie? My sofa, that is… Turns out she’s not as comfy as she looks when you’re stuck on her nursing 24/7 (oh, newborns…) Still, being sofa-bound means I’ve been able to (literally) one-handedly launch Jem On WordPress. I wanted to do a full, ‘official’ launch, but as making a big deal out… read more →

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I Love Days Like This

Sunshine, cuddles, laughter (“cow poo!”), unsupervised paint creativity (multi-coloured toddler), shared ice cream, good food, gardening, splashing in the puddle bath (paddling pool), and a voluntary bed time at 6:45 that took less than 15 minutes. I especially liked that last part.… read more →

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