So There We Go

My Mum mentioned to me this evening that I never did follow up my entry on the swans and she’s right. I realised that I’ve not followed up on any of my entries for months, barely discussing anything but superficial crap and the Internet. So here I am, telling you how things are with me…… read more →

New Script: BellaBiblio

The more observant (or should that be nosy?) of you will have noticed a new page appeared in my scripts section this week titled “BellaBiblio” (mucho thanks to Hayley for the creative name). BellaBiblio is a new flat file PHP-based book rating/listing script for those avid readers out there. It uses a single plain text… read more →

tutorialtastic renovations

I started reworking the tutorialtastic code waaay back when I first talked about rewriting the CMS over here at For some reason I decided to use TT as my test site, and although I managed to get the majority of the site structure/databases/CMS done in one evening, I got hit by the procrastination bug… read more →

I Bee Appreciated

I’ve been feeling a bit rough today, what with a possible cold slowly approaching and the knowledge that I have far too much on — ‘socially’; that’s before I take into consideration what I have to do for work — and no motivation to do to it, so imagine how cheerful it made me when… read more →

Conquering the World, Script by Script

Sometimes I wonder if I take on too much because I am paranoid about letting people down (irrelevant of who they are). I can’t decide if this is an ego thing (i.e. must prove I can do this, must show my skill) or an inbuilt desire to prove that I am actually a nice, helpful… read more →

No Time, No Motivation

I am swamped at work and “at home” (i.e. personal ‘net interests) right now, finding it very hard to catch up after my week away due to illness recently. As such, mails are going unanswered and I just don’t feel like rushing anything to get back on top of things. I will get back to… read more →

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Quilting Bee Blog Day

Those of you who’ve been readers of jemjabella for a while now may remember me talking about the quilting bee this time last year. I’m going to talk about it again for a while. Things have changed since last year. I’m no longer just a wide-eyed little bee in a swarm of buzzing buddies —… read more →

some bloggy stuff

Found an interesting, mature blog today through Daz: nektros – Cynicism in a Hot Dish. The author, Yvonne, has a witty outlook on things happening around the blogosphere and expresses her thoughts well. I am pleased by this because it’s been ages since I found a good blog that I’ve not read before. It’s rare… read more →

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