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BellaBiblio Amazon Ajax Bug

There’s a problem with the Ajax book finder in the current version of BellaBiblio, caused by an update on Amazon’s side of things. There is a patch which was sent over to me by Mat earlier today for those running PHP5 only, but because I’m…

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NinjaLinks Update

I made some empty promises about my latest script, NinjaLinks, possibly being ready by the end of March. Obviously as it’s now a couple of hours from April that didn’t happen. I do have excuses reasons for this though… NinjaLinks is supposed to be my…

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Good News and Bad News

PLEASE NOTE If you found this entry by way of a ‘dofollow’ link list, please leave now. I do not approve comments from people looking for freebie link backs, and all links to URLs left by people I don’t know are automatically nofollowed. You’re wasting…

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My New Home and Stuff

Tada! I’m not dead :D Indeed not, I’m afraid. Simply distracted by my new home. Karl and I received the keys — and met the landlord, thoroughly nice chappie — on Friday. We’ve been cleaning, sweeping, decorating and generally ogling. I am bloody knackered, my…

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