I don’t normally like to post about the same thing twice in a row, but I wanted to post a very quick update before I go have lunch with my family (Dad’s over, woot!) hit 100 users last night; 105 in total as I type this. There are 138 reviews in the database and… read more → is Better than Obama

Seriously, everyone else has been mentioning the new president lately, I felt like I should at least slip his name in there for good measure. Aside from the pointless political reference, one might question what the bloody hell I’m on about? What’s Aha! Secret project reveal time! (Except, it wasn’t kept that secret…)… read more →

Minor NinjaLinks Amend

In anticipation of an update to iron out any last minute bugs (which will fix this) can all NinjaLinks users please open the functions.php file that comes with the script and make the following change… At the very bottom of the file, you should see: error_reporting(E_ALL); This needs to be changed to: error_reporting(0); Errors only… read more →

NinjaLinks Public Release

In the absence of any further bug reports, I’ve decided to release NinjaLinks to the public. It is still very much in a state of testing in my mind, and there are is a list of features that I have yet to add, but there is no better feedback than that of someone who’s using… read more →

Vanity Searches

Results 1 – 10 of about 4,130 for “Powered by BellaBook” Results 1 – 10 of about 7,250 for “Powered by BellaBuffs” I do quite like Google, even when it’s mean and takes away PR. I wonder how quickly “Powered by NinjaLinks” will grow…… read more →

NinjaLinks Private Testing

NinjaLinks was released for initial rounds of private testing this morning. Don’t feel left out if you weren’t included on the e-mail, only those who’d expressed a very specific interest were mailed. I’ve updated one of my subdomains to run on the script: jemjabella listings. If you qualify according to the guidelines and want to… read more →

Run out of Pants

I need more pants. Any volunteers willing to send pics? Actually, that very request reaches new levels of creepiness…… read more →

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cURL to bypass allow_url_fopen off

One of the requested features for NinjaLinks was to allow users to specify a link button that will be used to link back to a site instead of / as well as normal text. As the button will be hosted on a remote server, I was thinking of using cURL to bypass allow_url_fopen restrictions. (Yes,… read more →