New Year, New Habits

As 2009 is fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about new years resolutions. It’s about now each year that I groan and decide that resolutions are not for me, knowing full well that any promises of exercise and healthy eating would be down the pan before the first week is out. I want to… read more →

Quilting Bee Blog Day 2008

So, Monday was the quilting bee‘s annual blog day. As I’m sure you’re aware by now — either from my own past entries or from other bee’s — the idea is that dedicated members tell you why they love the club, what it provides for them, show you what activities they’ve taken part in, whatever;… read more →

PHP Mail Form Update

I’ve just released version 2 of my free PHP mail form and heartily welcome feedback from those currently using version 1 of the script. (That means: someone hurry up and test it so I don’t have to! Kidding, kidding…)… read more → Fake SERP Referrals Are Pissing Me Off

Melissa and I had a short chat about search results in our stats a while ago. Long story short, a whole bucketload of search result click-throughs were showing up in our hits that were either a) irrelevant to our sites or b) were bullshit, because we weren’t ranked for that term anyway. This wasn’t… read more →

BellaB~ and NinjaLinks Updates

I’ve started updating every one of my scripts so that I can push important bug fixes and updates before Christmas, giving me time to relax and work on a few other things. Now is the time to shout about any possible features or complain about things you don’t like. If you’re making a suggestion, please… read more →

Sorry I Keep Going On About It, But… – THE website reviewing community opened it’s doors to the initial beta testers 2 weeks ago today, and here we are having amassed 329 users with 2009 points; 740 reviews on 87 sites totalling some 294,715 words; and over 10,000 page views so far today. If you’re interested, have some stats in all their… read more →