Insert Bee Related Pun Here

One of the million things I’ve been trying to fit around Isabel’s naps, hospital, dentist appointments, vaccinations and heaven knows what else I’m forgetting lately is the quilting bee. Again. The winning layout from a contest we held last year has finally been coded up: …and so we’re having a “House Swarming Party” to celebrate… read more →

Everybody Needs a Little Snark

I want to take a minute or two to shamelessly plug Snark Forums. Firstly because Snark is 3 years old in March, and we’re having lots of fun activities — organised by the members — to celebrate: Snark does the Ickies, Snark Art Worm, 31 Featured Members and more (as of yet unannounced). And secondly,… read more →

Suggestions for tutorialtastic

Assuming Isabel continues to take several long — albeit fart-filled — naps during the day, I want to try and get the next incarnation of tutorialtastic ready to go for some time early new year. With that in mind, please please please leave me a comment with feedback on what you’d like to see… either… read more →

Giving it all up (sort of)

I have spent the past week or so away from the computer for the most part, and in doing so have had time to contemplate where I’m going in life and what my various online dedications mean to me. As a result of this, I have made some decisions to cut back on a huge… read more →

Help Yourself, Help Me

I was having a discussion in the quilting bee IRC channel last night about users (in general, not q*bee users). A specific type of user: the user that complains constantly that X or Y is not suitable for their tastes/what they want to do, but who do bugger all to resolve that. Perhaps it’s just… read more →

In Which I Bullet Point

Didn’t manage to spend any of my week off clearing my inbox. Oops. Did however manage to see my niece and nephew, as well as tidying up around the flat. BellaBook4 and BellaBlocks (1) very nearly ready for release. Now that my Internet connection has stopped dicking about I may be able to get everything… read more →

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Some Little Tidbits

Firstly, CSSbake was very recently featured in a Smashing Magazine post on 40+ Helpful Resources On User Interface Design Patterns, which is a huge boost to CSSbake as a website and growing resource for webmasters. Huge congratulations to Ben, obviously, and to Melissa, who’ve both been putting in all the work lately to keep it… read more →

Continuing to Grow CSSbake

Remember on January 1st, I posted about the release of the new CSSbake? Well, I thought some of you might like an update :) For starters, we’ve just hit 999 unique hits this month. This is a good figure for a website that was effectively raised from the dead — and I’m sure Ben wouldn’t… read more →

My Blog Resolutions

Now that you’ve read every man and his dog’s post on new years resolutions, including my ramble on my efficiency drive for 2009 (already going well, I might add) I thought it appropriate to talk about the resolutions my blog/website will be making. Yes, a website can have resolutions, I’m not crazy. :P Firstly, 2008… read more →