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 |  Geek, PHP

Project: Feeding Friendly

While I was on maternity leave in 2009-2010 I had an idea for a website / mobile phone app… a central location for feeding and changing facility reviews/ratings across the UK. There was nothing else like it available, and parents (especially breastfeeding mums I came…

 |  PHP, Updates

Mail Form V2.2

In anticipation of the release of my mail form as a plugin for WordPress, I have updated the standalone mail form script. Updates as follows: compressed and optimised badword checking; checking name field too more easily customisable required fields added more known bots to isBots()…

 |  Interwebs

Cheeky Favour, Please

Can y’all do me a favour? If you’re still linking to either tutorialtastic or on your website(s), can you please update the links to point to GirlsWhoGeek? Hoping to push out a few updates over the next week and I want to maximise the…

 |  PHP, Updates

PHP Mail Form Updated

Version 2.1 of my basic free PHP mail form is now live; this has been ‘ported over from my personal domain ( in an attempt to organise my content (and life!) a little better. Please feel free to get in touch with feedback.

 |  Geek

Coding, how I’ve missed thee

Today, I’ve spent every minute that Isabel has been nursing or asleep on me, one-handedly clicking my on-screen keyboard to try and get three different projects done. YES! Three! Didn’t anyone ever tell you that mums are THE BEST at multitasking? Anyway. So, my problem…

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