Fanlisting Funny and a New Layout

I have to confess that when I create a new fanlisting, copying and pasting an existing hand-made admin page is easier than completely re-writing what will basically be the same thing with a few changes. So having just copied and renamed the mayo admin page for my new fanlisting, Pigeon Guano, I did a generic… read more →

New Domain

I ordered myself a new domain today. Accidentally. I know that sounds a little bit crazy but it’s simple really — I was checking the availabilty of (that won’t work until all the DNS is sorted should work now) for future reference (’cause at £1.99 a year it’s hard to go wrong) and because… read more →

A Microsoft Bitch and the Q*bee

I must confess I’m a bit of a Microsoft-aholic. Alright, their browser bugs the crap out of me and I could quite happily go on a ban-FrontPage rally.. but generally speaking I find their Operating System/s to be handy, easy to use and usually always immediate in their support of drivers. I use a legal… read more →

Job News, Reviews and Updates

I may have job news! I don’t really have much information to share just yet.. the position is still being held by the “previous” person, I’ve not accepted the position and I don’t know 100% if I will, but fingers crossed. You know what makes reviewing worthwhile? This does! Seeing people who are willing to… read more →

Fanlistings and Design

I’ve started getting into fanlistings again after deciding not to let the QI rejection all of those months ago get me down — I think I’ve set myself up for a fall. After getting hooked on the latest series with Hugh Laurie in it (House M.D.) I applied to adopt the fanlisting only to discover… read more →

Gone Home

My Daddy has gone home again :( I think I managed to convince him to come over at Christmas, but if he doesn’t/can’t, I don’t know how long it’ll be before I see him again. I did get a picture of us (both looking exhausted) together though! Will be printing that out for my wall…… read more →

Plug plug plugs!

1. The Jemjabella Collective — My new fanlisting collective. Somewhat empty at the moment because I only have one fanlisting. Hopefully that’ll change if/when I’m approved for a few others I’ve applied for. 2. tutorialtastic:fantastic — My fanlisting for my tutorial site — added due to high demand. You know you all love my tutorials… read more →

Internet-y Stuff

Thank you for the compliments on the slightly edited version of the layout. There’s a few bugs I need to fix (as you can see, I changed the font) but I’m waiting for my ‘owed’ reviews first so I can do everything at once and not miss anything. If you get bored, feel free to… read more →

Beta Testers Needed

I spent most of yesterday redoing BellaBook for the 3.1 release. I think I’ve got it just how I want it now — better admin protection as well as spam/bad word filtering. Anyway, now I just need beta testers. I need a couple of people with semi-decent PHP skills to have a look, install it,… read more →