tutorialtastic CMS

I’ve been working on tutorialtastic over the past two days because creating the page, writing the page, uploading the page, etc can get incredibly tedious — in fact it puts me off publishing tutorials in the first place (some of you see this as a good thing, you can shut up :p). Anyway, the scripting… read more →

Referral Logs

I’ve been keeping an eye on my referral logs since I released BB3.1 so I know who’s using it and so I can keep track of potential bugs or ideas for new features (thinking about BB3.2 already!) So, when I came across a forum earlier and saw the words “I refuse to use Bella Book”… read more →

Hoorah! BellaBook3.1

As promised, it is now Friday and here I am finally releasing BellaBook3.1. I must admit, there was a bit of last minute panic. I didn’t think I was going to release it on time because all of a sudden errors that weren’t there before starting appearing — despite not having edited any files. I… read more →

BellaBook Bug Testing

Bored with the utter tripe on TV on New Years Eve I finally got off my lazy arse and decided to do something with BellaBook before I completely forgot how to code and integrate flat files and before it withered away into a pile of pants php poop. Say that 3 times fast I dares… read more →


All he wanted was a best friend… I forgot to mention that I made a Katy fanlisting a couple of weeks ago. So, if you thing Katy is great you should check out Geekerific. Don’t you think it’s the most original name ever? And of course, you could always check out my fanlisting while you’re… read more →

More on the Q*bee

This, this, this, this, this and this, this, this and this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this and this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this …all reasons as to why I love the quilting bee. One simple idea, a thought.. it’s taken, turned, adapted, thought about,… read more →

quilting bee club

I was updating my qbee quilt last night and it got me thinking: it’s the only online ‘thing’ that I’ve ever really stuck to. I’ve been and gone at forums, often forgetting my login names or forgetting they even exist.. never sticking to affiliate/surfing programs and heaven knows what else. Yet, here I am, a… read more →

PHP Business!

I’ve been thinking about this PHP style switcher business, as well as what I’m going to do with BellaBook3.1 to get it safe and secure, ready for release. I have been trying to figure out the best way to have this PHP styleswitcher without disturbing browsing. I *think* because it’s a server-side language it is… read more →

Nothing’s Simple!

I can’t have a crochet hobby without some wool. Pretty obvious statement really, but a good point all the same. I went surfing for wool on the Internet yesterday with the preconception that I’d be able to find a website, specify whether I wanted thick or thin, choose a colour and have it sent. I… read more →