“Eeeeeeeeee!” is the sound one makes when something you’ve quite positively slaved over for hundreds of years has a fanlisting made to celebrate it! I don’t care how generally pointless they are, there is nothing better than knowing a person (in this case, Amelie) likes something you’ve done so much that they’re going to dedicate… read more →


I think this is the longest I’ve been without blogging for no good reason in ages! I’ve set a new record, hoorah. Although strictly speaking there has been a good reason. Me, being my usual standards-nazi self decided to use my new position at the q*bee as an excuse to tidy up all of those… read more →

Online-Related News

I haven’t got anything remotely interesting personal-wise to update with so I’ll just occupy you with details of what’s going on with me online at the moment. Firstly, I celebrated my 3rd ‘anniversary’ of being in the quilting bee on Saturday, and at the same time announced that the club is now mine! *evil cackle*… read more →

A General ‘Me’ Update

I figured as the last two posts have been coding related I should probably do a bit of a general update so everybody knows how things are going. That, and my coding posts seem to confuse people.. The most annoying thing at the moment is that I still have my cold. I can’t seem to… read more →

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Success of BellaBook

It might seem pompous or pretentious to sit here, about to discuss the success of BellaBook, when it clearly isn’t on the same level as WordPress and other scripts of that ilk. On the other hand, it has it’s fair share of users.. and that scares me. I couldn’t be more pleased that people like… read more →

BellaBook3.2 Released

There’s a new version of BellaBook available: BellaBook3.2. New features include: States whether email required, and whether or not it’s displayed Optional moderation feature Improved spam filtering Pagination as standard — in admin panel as well Entry management combined in admin panel well as a couple of bug fixes that were reported to me.… read more →

Review-You Probably Closing

I was thinking about Review-You last night whilst tidying up in the bedroom (completely irrelevant, I know) and have come to the conclusion that it is probably best if I close the website when the domain name expires. Don’t get me wrong, I love reviewing, love owning the site and love the fact that people… read more →

tutorialtastic is live!

Finally, tutorialtastic is live. After some minor issues with a some .htaccess magic, and a moment of last minute panic where I realised I needed to use “../” before internal links in all of my tutorials; I have it up! There’s still some links which’ll be broken until I fix them, some tutorials that didn’t… read more →

My BellaBook Is Being Spammed!

Alright, so no one has actually said it to me yet, but I can see it coming. People are getting spam in BellaBook3.1 — and it’s their own fault (honest!). BellaBook users are not making use of the features in the script. My personal installation of BellaBook hasn’t been spammed yet. Not once. Not at… read more →