New BellaBuffs blanklinefix Function

I’ve modified the BellaBuffs (and as such, BellaBook) function which removes whitespace from the end of lines so that it now removes empty lines too (which it didn’t properly before). This solves the problem caused by members that have been approved all at once causing blank lines and thus undefined offset errors. Until I can… read more →

Hectic, hectic, hectic!

Wow, the start to this month has been busy. Karl and I have been running around sorting “something” out that I really want to tell everyone about but can’t yet because I don’t want to jinx it. I’ve got some major projects going on at work that all seem to have arrived at the same… read more →

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More BellaBuffs updates

Made some new changes to BellaBuffs this week thanks to feedback and bug reports from Téa P. They are as follows: Fixed XHTML validity issue in form textareas in: join.php, update.php and contact.php Changed value of submit button in contact.php (copy&paste error!) Included footer.php in join.php error messages Added fixEmail() to “Reply-To: ” in e-mail… read more →

First Day at Work

I think I did well today. Excusing the fact that when my boss asked me to e-mail my colleagues I ended up typing in my personal e-mail address (force of habit) instead of my work address. Then, when I went to upgrade a client’s forum because it was about 10 versions out of date, Transmit… read more →

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BellaBook3.3 is Out

For those who use BellaBook, there’s a new version out. If you’re using versions 3.1 or 3.2, you can download the new version, delete the blank text files in the new one, customise the config.php file to match your current preferences and upload the new admin.php, sign.php and other PHP files over the top of… read more →

BellaBuffs is Live

As promised on Friday last week, BellaBuffs is live. Admittedly, some of you may have been expecting it three days ago because I cocked up the date at first, but there we go. For those who’ve been living on the moon recently, BellaBuffs is my new flat-file fanlisting management script. Designed for single fanlistings (like… read more →

PHP Security Article

I’ve released part one of what I hope will be a series of PHP security articles — a PHP Script Checklist for those developing or looking to develop their own scripts. If you have any thoughts on PHP security problems that you’d like to be covered in part 2, or you’re an ‘expert’ and want… read more →

Fanlisting Script Requests

This is generally only applicable to fanlisting owners, so if you’re not an owner or not interested in fanlistings, move on.. For those who do own/join fanlistings — what are your favourite features of the scripts that are currently available, and what do the scripts do that you absolutely hate? BellaBuffs (no longer BellaBoffins because… read more →

Quick News

Some quick news, because I’m too lazy to blog properly: BellaBook passed 1000 downloads — since I started logging them — today. I started logging them at the end of May, that’s only a month and a bit! I decided against releasing the tutorial on modifying BellaBook into a fanlisting script, because it ended up… read more →

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