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No more babies

Back in February I asked my GP for referral for a sterilisation. I saw the consultant last Monday to confirm that I fully understood what was involved in the process and the fact that it was a permanent, non-reversible contraception etc etc. I was offered…

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The Royal Baby

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are apparently expecting a baby; Kate Middleton has been admitted to hospital with “acute morning sickness”. I wasn’t going to post, ’cause everyone’s talking about it at the minute and I’m not one to jump on moving bandwagon generally,…

 |  Parenting

Deja Vu

Message on the answer phone: “Miss Turner, we’ve had the results of your blood test back and your iron is low. Please ring your doctor to collect some iron tablets.” How about no. How about stick it up your arse. I’m not going through the…

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Weird Food Aversions

I guess it’s hard to sum up my food aversions with Isabel, as I had problems with all food. This time it’s different though… I’m having some particularly odd cravings and, at the opposite end of the scale, food that turns my stomach just thinking…

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Beansprout Scan

Finally got ’round to scanning this in: Dates spot on (unsurprisingly; such is the benefit of having a very predictable cycle) — due 02nd June 2012 as mentioned previously. The morning sickness is, thankfully, backing off. As long as I eat every 1.5hrs I don’t…

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Isabel is Weaning

Except by weaning, I mean weaned. But if I write weaned all official like that in my title it’ll mean it’s true, and I don’t think I can handle that at the moment :( Truth be told she’s not had a feed that involved actual…

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