I got a little bit excited yesterday evening after Izzy told me her mouth was hurting as we brushed her teeth (oops, that sounds awful!) I had assumed she was just complaining because she was tired and grumpy, but nope… turns out she has two permanent teeth coming in.

Took me a little by surprise as she hasn’t actually lost her baby teeth yet, but apparently this is a relatively common phenomenon called “shark teeth” (which sounds pretty cool to me). Izzy didn’t think it was cool last night, and got herself all worked up because she was confused about how the teeth were coming up, worried that the tooth fairy wouldn’t know to come, etc. Thanks to a Charlie & Lola episode in which Lola loses a wobbly tooth eating an apple, Izz is now insistent that she has to eat lots of apples for the foreseeable future…

Oliver is also experiencing something new, although more at the “other end” of things as it were. He’s spent the past couple of weeks in pants during the day and we’ve had no more than a couple of accidents tops. He’s very pleased with himself and keeps telling me what a “super job” he’s doing at potty training. This is the second time my wait-til-they’re-ready approach has paid off and enabled a smooth transition straight into pants. Obviously that makes me an expert on potty training now – I should write a book ;)

My babies, they’re growing up! *wipes away a tear*

A General Update

I’ve been so preoccupied with introspection & navel-gazing recently that I’ve completely failed to update you all on various Real Life happenings that don’t directly relate to me.

Isabel recently had her ‘induction’ day things at the school she starts in September, which consisted of a ‘stay and play’ type afternoon with the other parents + children, and then a half day without parents. I have to confess that I expected to have to peel Izz off my leg to get her into the classroom and thought that she’d freak out when I tried to leave but the reality couldn’t have been further from the truth. We walked past children-parent combos with tears on both sides(!) only for Izz to run to her new teacher, waving me off with gusto. This, from the kid who spent years being too shy to talk to members of her own family! Couldn’t have been more proud of how far she’s come :)

It did feel a little bit odd as I left the school grounds though. There were parents talking about “not going too far in case it went wrong”, people who were planning on sitting on the grass outside for the afternoon; I went straight to my car and shot off back to work without a second thought. I am clearly a heartless parent :p

In less positive news, we lost Big Pig (Ginger) a couple of weeks ago. To be honest, I half-expected to lose him after his skin problems in January so for him to hang on another 5 or so months was a nice surprise. He was 6 and a half, so a good age for a guinea pig :) Karl took him away to bury him with his original friend Afro. Although we’d talked about losing him months ago and had decided that when it happened his friend (Little Pig) would be neutered and placed with the girls, I’ll be honest in that I’m struggling to deal with all of the animals on top of everything else I have to cope with at the minute. Not sure what I’ll do long term with the animals. :(

Oliver has been conversing in full sentences for a while now and keeps up well with his sister. He’s eating well, sleeping… occasionally(!) and doing everything he should for his age. I’m considering trying to get him out of nappies over the summer purely from a financial point of view although I have to say I prefer the “wait until they do it themselves” approach we took with Izz. I guess there’s only so far you can push a kid either way.

So basically most things are OK and we’re just bumbling along as normal… :)

Potty ‘Training’ Update

Can it really be called potty ‘training’ if there’s no actual training? Or maybe the training part refers to Isabel training me into the next stage of parenting… I certainly feel like the past month has been the most confusing in the 2.5 years since Izz was born. Do we go straight to real pants or use training pants? Do we put a nappy on for nap time or not? Do we encourage use of the potty, the toilet, both? What about car journeys?

Turns out all these questions were mostly founded on unwarranted worrying, because Isabel is a pooping, peeing, potty training natural. So much so that she not only jumped straight into pants, no nappies for nap time and is happy to use either/both potty and toilet, but she also decided that she wanted to be dry at night too; I wasn’t expecting that for another year or so!

We had a minor blip a few weeks ago where Isabel had a little cough, which meant an accident or two (if I mention we were co-sleeping for one of those you can use your imagination a little there … yeah, it does occasionally have its downsides) and I chickened out and put her back in nappies overnight for a week. @SquintMom inadvertently guilted me into giving Izz another chance though, and we’ve been dry overnight again for the past 3-4 nights (and interestingly, in her own bed, not sure what’s inspired that!)

So yes, there we have it. Pretty much cracked I think? Touch wood. Just in time for number 2 to arrive safely (hint hint). Don’t know what I was worrying about…

Queen of the Potty

Isabel has shown a vague interest in the potty on and off for… oh, ages. We had a potty around the house from quite early on, both to normalise the whole peeing-in-a-pot thing and because when she was still actively stool withholding I needed something to squat her over. Anyway, as her interest increased I actually became more and more reliant on nappies. Backwards step, but the thought of trying to potty “train” a toddler during pregnancy was somewhat daunting.

Anyway, while we were on holiday last week, Izz obviously got fed up and decided to take matters into her own hands. I don’t know whether it was because we’d taken disposable nappies on holiday (the thought of a nappy bucket full of wet/pooey nappies for a week was a bit stomach churning) but she started taking herself off to the potty, pulling her trousers down/nappy off, and peeing. Can’t exactly avoid the issue if she requires no intervention from me!

Took the bull by the horns on Sunday and stuck her in some shiny new pants, and she had just the 1 accident when something spooked her in the garden. She went in to nursery yesterday with just pants and lots of spare trousers and didn’t have a single accident. Not only that, BUT — and this is huge, but probably only makes sense if you’re aware of the back-story with Isabel’s poo problems — while I was cooking yesterday evening, she shouted out to me “muuuuum, I need a BIIIIG POO” then took herself off to the potty with a book (wonder who she gets that from) and did just that. No fuss, no holding, no straining or tears. I couldn’t be more pleased :)